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Storing Your Kayak

The days of cheap kayaks are over and because of it we need to throw some extra care at them. Proper covers and lekker storage goes a long way for longevity and appearance of one of your most prized possessions.

When storing your kayaks both indoors and outdoors, the best investment one can make is a quality set of storage racks. Racks that you can mount on the wall and keep your kayak up and out of the chaos of your garage. Being in the kayak game, we have seen more often than we’d like to admit, kayaks become causalities, coming off second best while the driver of the car “claims” to have not seen it. 

Find a safe location to mount your racks and take the time to place your kayak there, keeping it out of harm’s way. One tip I often share is to store your kayak at a slight angle. When mounting or installing your racks, try to raise the tail end about 300mm higher than the front end. This way, when you store your kayak upside down on the rack with the bungs open, any moisture or water inside the kayak will slowly move towards the front and drip out. Even on a hot day, you may be surprised that the kayak will release some moisture or water that may have collected in the foam or glued areas.

For outdoor storage, I would recommend keeping the tail higher than the nose area. Additionally, consider using a cover to provide extra protection. Options like a weather cover, kayak sock, or a padded travel cover can significantly contribute to keeping your kayak in excellent condition. This video link offers a helpful comparison of various cover options.

  1. Weather cover
  2. Kayak sock
  3. Padded travel cover.

When it comes to choosing a kayak rack, there are a few options out there. One of our partners, Rack & Roll, has a comprehensive range of storage options, and these are the best of the bunch that I would look at.

  • The Lulu kayak rack, available on Blue Waters’ shop, offers a sturdy and reliable solution for kayak storage, ensuring your kayak is kept safe and accessible.
  • Additionally, the Monks kayak and rod rack provides the luxury of extra storage for your rods, allowing you to keep all your gear organised in one convenient location.

There are also some great options for your rods and paddles, ensuring all your equipment is stored efficiently and ready for your next adventure.

We hope this helps – look after those kayaks of yours, it will give them a longer lease on life.

Need more info or advice on buying second hand kayaks, give us a shout.

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